Over 550 AWA enclosures already sold in the last 10 years

Made in North America

awa model

Climate resistant

  • The rugged enclosure protects your equipment from the worst weather conditions.
  • Tested in environments from – 40°F to + 120°F.
  • 10 years experience, all types of applications still in operation today have proven the reliability and durability of these packaged solutions.
awa model

Easy access to equipment 

  • Large doors strategically placed to easily maintain any equipment inside.
awa model

Easy to move by forklift or crane 

  • Forklift pockets in the base come standard for ease of handling
awa model

Can be customized to customer specification 

  • Heat recovery for external use
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Custom paint color
  • Multi-voltage electrical panels
  • Sound or visual alarm equipment
  • Non-standard widths
awa model

Sound insulation

  • 1” sound dampening insulation on walls and doors
  • Absorbs compressor noise and prevents condensation
  • Considerably reduces noise levels around exterior of package
small model
medium model
extra-large model

The AWA outdoor mobile compressed air station does not require major supplemental installation logistics, only requires a single main power feed, a single discharge air connection & condensate drain.  Fully customizable according to your needs, can also accommodate existing compressed air equipment, is suitable for both short-term use projects or as a permanent install.  Additionally, its’ ultra-rigid design has been tested and is guaranteed to stand up against extreme weather (environments ranging from -40° F to 120° F), and the sturdy structure can be easily moved, only requiring the assistance of a forklift sized to handle the weight of our package.

In order to respond adequately to industrial demands, the AWA outdoor air compressor station offers numerous other advantages: energy costs up to 8 times lower than those of traditional diesel compressors, reduced heating costs by recovering the heat produced by your compressor, an arched roof that prevents the accumulation of water, lockable doors, potential municipal tax exemptions (check with your local government agencies), and reduced installation costs, to name a few.


The SD platform is ideal for turnkey projects under 100hp. All pre-established standard combinations are included, engineering is fully included, and production time is accelerated.

The SDE platform is also a platform for turnkey projects of less than 100hp with possibilities of additional configurations. Inspired by the standard platform, our engineering team offers a variety of options at an attractive cost while still maintaining extremely reasonable finished product lead times.

The CD platform is particularly interesting for projects over 100hp requiring many customizations from the customer. Our entire team has the expertise to create a personalized layout of your equipment according to your production requirements. The configurations are endless!

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