All weather air

awa model
All weather air

A fully mobile and customizable exterior air compressor cabinet.

All Weather Air, is a leader in the field of industrial compressed air technologies in North America for over 40 years.   We have engineered a compact, all inclusive, portable, robust and test proved metallic compressor station, customizable to your industrial needs, with the advantageous capacity of being installed anywhere at your location. Our compressed air system enclosure enable you to operate your compressed air system efficiently and effectively while focusing on your business operations instead of your equipment, and thus, regardless of weather conditions.

awa model


These units combine durability, reliability and ease of use to operate your compressed air equipment outdoors year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.

  1. Weather-resistant
  2. Quick access to equipment
  3. Easy to move
  4. Fully customizable
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Distributed in more than 10 countries, AWA are used for permanent and short-term installations, when there is a lack of interior space, or to reduce the cost of installation, to protect your equipment against the weather, or simply to reduce noise levels (DBA) in the facility. The AWA offers a reduced operating cost of up to eight times less than an equivalent diesel compressor.

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Industrial compressed air systems generally have operating shifts of several hours per day, as well as producing potentially hazardous noise, and not to mention the considerable amount of floor space they can take within your company’s infrastructures. For these modern industrial challenges, All Weather Air has a solution for you. The installation of an exterior electrical compressor station, or AWA package (All Weather Air package), could be the answer to your industrial needs. Particularly inexpensive in comparison to other industrial compressed air systems, because of its low energy requirements, AWA packages prove to be considerably efficient when it comes to managing small spaces or reducing noise levels.

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